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Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering

Embark on a profound exploration of prompt engineering through extensive collection of resources. This immersive journey promises to equip you with in-depth insights and practical expertise, elevating your mastery in this specialized discipline.

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  • Prompt Engineering (opens in a new tab): Lilian Weng's Prompt Engineering post is a comprehensive resource for effective communication with LLMs. It focuses on in-context prompting, alignment, and model steerability, especially for autoregressive language models, and underscores practical takeaways for prompt engineering.

  • What is Prompt Tuning? (opens in a new tab): In this video presentation, Martin Keen delves into three strategies for customizing a pre-trained LLM to meet specific specialized requirements. These approaches encompass fine-tuning and prompt engineering techniques.


  • ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers (opens in a new tab): by Deep Learning AI and OpenAI. Learn the art of prompt engineering, uncover innovative LLM applications, and gain hands-on proficiency in crafting prompts with the OpenAI API, enabling you to create custom chatbots and advance your development skills.


  • Prompt Engineering Guide (opens in a new tab): Enhance your prompt engineering skills to gain a deeper understanding of LLMs, their capabilities, and limitations. The course offers in-depth insights and provides practical examples tailored to several renowned models.

  • Learn Prompting (opens in a new tab) is an ideal starting point for newcomers to Generative AI and Prompt Engineering. It covers essential insights, including prompting strategies, popular models, and practical applications.

  • Brex's Prompt Engineering Guide (opens in a new tab): Brex made this guide for internal use, drawing from their experience with LLMs for real-world applications. It discusses LLM history and offers advice on safely using and developing systems with models like OpenAI's GPT-4.

  • OpenAI Prompt engineering (opens in a new tab): This guide shares strategies and tactics for getting better results from LLM. The methods described can sometimes be deployed in combination for greater effect.

  • OpenAI Cookbook (opens in a new tab) comprises examples and guides for utilizing the OpenAI API in accomplishing typical tasks. It offers code snippets, language-agnostic concepts, and resources such as tools, guides, and courses for learning and implementing prompt engineering techniques.



  • (opens in a new tab) is a website offering a collection of prompts for ChatGPT, a human-like text generator. These prompts enable users to produce conversational responses or elaborate on given input, enhancing the user experience by providing easy editing and customization options.