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Image Generation

Image Generation

AI-driven image generation harnesses artificial intelligence to craft visual content, encompassing images and artwork. These systems possess the capability to generate images from textual descriptions, enhance existing photos, or craft entirely new visuals by leveraging diverse inputs and preferences. Additionally, they can generate images from other images, further extending their creative potential.

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  • Diffusers (opens in a new tab): Hugging Face's Diffusers library is versatile, simplifying work with state-of-the-art diffusion models. Key features include pre-trained diffusion pipelines for image, audio, and 3D structure generation, customizable noise schedulers, practical guides, support for both inference and training, and a focus on usability. The library supports various tasks and offers resources on ethical guidelines and safety implementations.

  • Image Prompting (opens in a new tab) by Learn Prompting, offers an open-source course on Image Prompting techniques for both beginners and professionals.

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  • MiniGPT-4 (opens in a new tab), a multimodal model, combines visual information with language tasks. It adeptly generates image descriptions, answers questions about image content, and performs diverse tasks like website creation from drafts and writing stories inspired by images. MiniGPT-v2, an enhanced version, efficiently processes high-resolution images, making it ideal for various vision-language multi-task learning applications.

  • SynthID (opens in a new tab) by DeepMind, a tool that watermark images and identifies synthetic ones created by Imagen, a text-to-image model. SynthID promotes responsible use of AI-generated content, enabling Vertex AI customers to confidently create and identify such images. Combining two deep learning models, it's anticipated to expand beyond image identification to include audio, video, and text as it evolves with other AI models.


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